What's our Mastiff been upto this week?

Date of entry: 4th March 2008

The saddest update we ever had to write...

I thought about whether or not to write about this part of the story and decided that it comes with the territory of owning a bully, or any other dog for that matter, and to write about how sad we all are to have lost our Mason.

Last week, Mason became ill and started finding it difficult to get about.

He regained some strength and then lost it again. We checked with the vet and had every test done for him that we could and made sure he was in no pain - made the decision to bring him home and monitor him 24/7, providing intensive care and ensuring he was never left to be in pain.

This morning he got up and went out in to the garden, where he stayed for a while, looking out over the fields at the back, and watering the plants as he always thoughtfully does for us.

He needed a little help to bring him back inside when he was ready - so we carefully lifted him in - and he flopped, back on to his bed, snuggling in.

And then, peacefully, and without any sort of fuss, he left us and was gone - leaving a gaping hole that only a true gentle giant can fill.

He has been a fantastic dog, even had his own page on Facebook and we will miss him sorely from our lives for a long time to come. We can only be greatful that we shared it with him for as long as we did. RIP Mason, we love and miss you dearly.

Date of entry: 6th September 2007

Synchronised head bobbing

Its a dogs life! Mason and Holly are the best of friends and when together can not bear to be parted.

We now have another new dog in the family - the grandparents took on a 6 year old 'pup' from The Dogs Trust in Prescot.

Called Lacy she is finding her feet with the family - it is still early days and her history is unknown apart from that she has spent some time as a stray.

Holly has befriended her already - we call Holly 'therapy dog' because of her gentle nature - and her and Lacy have already bonded.

Mason has yet to meet Lacy - but when with Holly one of their favourite pastimes is watching the world go by from the front window.

Neither is quite big enough to see from the floor so both usually grab a dining chair each and sit staring and barking at passers by.

Both look left to right at exactly the same time - it is like watching spectators at a tennis match and does crack us up they are so perfectly in time. Torvil and Dean would be proud of their perfect synchronicity...

Date of entry: 27th November 2006

Sorry we have been away!

Sorry to all for the long delay in writing Mason stories.

Mason is now an old man he suffers with arthritis although you wouldn't know it from the way he acts.

He is getting more and more affectionate as he gets older - loves a cuddle and being pampered. He will be moving house again soon - this time to Hatton in Warrington with a huge garden which he will no doubt spend hours making his own.

We have a new dog in the family! She doesnt live with Mason although she loves him to pieces - her name is Holly and she is an American bulldog.

She is full of life and cheekiness and is a proper little star. She completed 11 and a half miles on a walk yesterday, is strong, clever, selectively deaf and gorgeous.

Click here to see a picture of Holly as a young pup.

Date of entry: 20th June 2005

Mason loves the bike

Mason loves to be out and about with anyone on a bike.

He races ahead, glancing over his shoulder every now and again to make sure he is in the lead.

He doesn't like following the bike - only leading it.

He gets so excited, sometimes even over excited and charges the bike.

Pretty scary when 8 stone of dog is lunging at you on your bike!

Date of entry: 9th May 2005

Mason's sense of direction

Mason sometimes seems a little distracted - but his directional skills are always on top form.

Out for a walk yesterday round Sale and along the canal Mason spotted a chip that someone had dropped.

Encouraging him to leave the chip seemed to work and we walked past - leaving the chip for the birds.

Half an hour later when we returned the same way and as we approached the same area Mason started to move over to a specific position on the pavement.

And it wasn't long before we realised that he had remembered where the chip was and was trying to steer us back past the chip so that he could snaffle it!

Funny dog.

Date of entry: 2nd May 2005

Mason's weekend holiday

Mason has returned this morning from a 3 day break in Thorpe, Derby with all the family.

He stayed in a little farmhouse barn conversion, surrounded by wide open fields, sheep, cows and lots of other wildlife.

He has had a very good time, visiting Matlock and Ashbourne and strolling down the country lanes.

The weather has even been good, apart from the second night, when there was a huge storm with thunder coming thick and fast and lightning flashing across the sky and fields for miles around.

Mason barked and went to each family member personally to tell them about the storm - made sure we were all awake to see what he had seen.

And after about an hour the storm died down and everyone returned to bed to dream of storms and holidays.

Date of entry: 28th April 2005

Mason's pictures on the website

I have just been reviewing the Mason news page and have noticed that there are a high percentage of photos here where Mason is cheekily positioned on the couch or asleep.

Here is a count of the pictures on this page and what Mason is doing in each.

Sleeping on the couch: 5
Sleeping on the bed: 3
Pretending to sleep: 1
Chewing: 4
Alert body shots: 4

Can anyone guess what Mason's favourite pastime is?

Date of entry: 19th April 2005

Mason and the ducks

Mason loves ducks and swans and even budgies - in fact he gets pretty excited by the site of feathers full stop.

Only yesterday, whilst out walking along the canal some of the ducks that were sitting on the water decided to fly off to another site - and they took off and flew directly over Mason's head.

Mason heard their wings flapping and looked around to see the ducks inches away from his big head, which excited him so much that he decided to give chase and he bounded up in the air to try to reach the ducks and fly off with them.

But Mason can't fly and he bounded up and then fell back down to earth - only in all the excitement he forgot to watch out for the edge of the canal and tumbled into the water.

He bobbed up and down whilst we rushed to grab hold of him and lift him out and a mobile phone slipped out of a pocket and into the dark depths of the canal - never to be seen again.

Mason, however was fine, we rushed him home and gave him a nice hot bath and lots of cuddles to keep him warm in the cold temperature.

Thats Mason's third time in the canal - what a dog!

Date of entry: 30th March 2005

Mason and Alicia

Mason has a very good friend by the name of Alicia - who loves to cuddle him and take him for walks and play.

Alicia is only 7 and sometimes we wonder that she is a bit small for our boisterous Mason but Mason has a very gentle touch when it comes to Alicia.

On the Black Bear park Alicia wanted to hold Mason's lead - us two adults were a little concerned at him pulling her over but agreed, and walked side by side to help just in case anything went wrong.

But when Alicia took the lead Mason became the best behaved dog in the world - and the lead never even tightened as he stayed so close to little Alicia we couldn't believe it!

What a good boy!

Date of entry: 29th March 2005

Poor little Mason!

Mason has been a little bit poorly over the last week or so - he has a splinter in his chin we think which has caused him a few problems. Antibiotics from the vet seem to have sorted it out and the swelling has gone down - and Mason is still bounding around full of life and vitality.

These days he is slowing down a little - he still gets really excited when you promise him a walk - and stays excited till he gets to the front gate - and then the enthusiasm wears off and he turns around to head home!

We are guessing that it is his age - Mason is 5 and a half now - but he is still the king of the road when it comes to car travel!

Date of entry: 17th February 2005

Sorry not enough hours in the day to write Mason stories, but we will upload more in the near future.

In the meantime - check out these two new pics of our Mason in action - although not very active! Its a dogs life! Lucky thing!

Mason loves cuddles! Date of entry: 2nd December 2004

Mason is one crafty dog!

On arrival from work the other evening, I came in to find Mason rushing towards the door looking really agitated.

I investigated further, and he seemed pleased to have my attention, leading me through the whole house to find our invisible intruder.

Finding nothing out of the ordinary, we returned to the kitchen and dining area, only to discover slobber on the dining table itself.

Mason lead me on a merry dance to try and disguise the fact that he had been sniffing where he shouldn't have been!

What a funny dog.

Mason is this couch big enuff for two?Date of entry: 28th November 2004

Mason goes home again...

Well, although Mason has had lots of fun during the time spent in Warrington roaming the Black Bear and other trails, time has come for him to return to Sale.

His olds returned from Thailand yesterday (Sat) having had a wonderful time and looking tanned and gorgeous.

But Warrington has been fun, only the other day Mason was round at a friend Jacqui's house and she went into the kitchen to get him a bowl of water.

Mason holds a lot of liquid in those giant jaws and tends to dribble, so Jacqui decided to put a tea towel down on the floor to put the water bowl on, to try to catch some of the water. She put it on the floor and turned to get his water bowl, she turned again to place the bowl on the tea towel and stopped. Mason was sat on the tea towel, perfectly fitting in the small rectangle shape.

We all couldn't help fall about laughing at our funny friend Mason.

Are these pillows comfy enuff for you Mason?Date of entry: 14th November 2004

Mason Update...

Thought we could do with an update on Mason - whats he been up to over summer 2004.

We found out that he has Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren already. If you view his Guestmap, one of the pins is from grand-family!

We also think we spotted a relative in Stockport as we saw Mason's double hanging around one Saturday afternoon. This other dog was waiting for his owner outside HMV, and was just sneeking into the shop to look for him or her last we saw!

Also, Mason became quite poorly with a stomach upset that resulted in a night at the vets poor thing.

He is very well now and back to normal, but we have decided to keep him away from chicken in future as it doesnt agree with him.

This morning it was frosty. But Mason knows that Saturday and Sunday are days when he gets to go for a walk and he wanted one this morning from about 7am. No rest for the wicked...

We set off and everything was fine, started the usual routine of marking territory and sniffing about, and about 5 minutes into the walk Mason realised how cold it was and decided to go home!

We stuck it out for another 15 minutes and headed home, but what a waste of a good lie in!!

Later on, we went shopping for food for Mason for the week ahead and passed the remembrance service in Warrington for old service men and women who participated in the war.

Mason is this couch big enuff for two?Date of entry: 11th November 2004

Its been a while...

Sorry Mason fans that it has been a while - but Mason and family are all doing well.

He has moved again, from Altrincham to Sale again, and loves his new house, but at the moment he is staying with Aunty Caz, whilst his olds catch a short break to Thailand.

This is a pic of him on the couch - this is how we generally find him when we come home from work!

Mason - in the place he thinks he should be the most!Date of entry: 24th June 2004

Mason prefers to drive...

If you read the earlier 3rd of June entry, you'll have heard about Mason's preference to drive, rather than walk these days.

Here is a photo of him in his favourite seat in the car - he likes a window does our Mason.

Click on the image to view a larger picture.

Introducing one of Masons friends - GypsyDate of entry: 3rd June 2004

Meet Mason's friend Gypsy.

Heres a picture of one of Mason's doggy friends, Gypsy.

Gypsy has been a faithful companion to her owners for the best part of 19 years, so Mason has to be very gentle with her when he plays.

Click on the image to view a larger picture.

Date of entry: 3rd June 2004

Mason refuses to walk.

Mason usually loves a walk, unless its cold, and then he sometimes wont leave the house.

My sister and I tried to take him for a walk this evening and he made it about 5 houses along the road before stopping in protest.

We decided to try using biscuits as encouragement - it wasnt really a cold night and we started off well - but as we got to the end of the road he sneekily snaffled the remaining biscuits, and promptly sat down again to avoid going any further!

We took him home again, as that seemed to be the direction he wanted to go in, but when we got there he changed his mind - he didnt want to walk to the field, he wanted to be driven in the pick up (Mitsubishi L200 owned by my sister). So we gave in and drove him to the field (anything for a peaceful evening) and finally he was happy!

Mason sitting by the windowDate of entry: 23rd May 2004

Mason in regal pose.

Mason has been doing the rounds to family and friends houses, heres a picture of him at a friends.

As you can see from the photo, Mason has jumped up onto a stool near the window to have a good nosey.

This, he decided was the best place to sit, so Mason kept guard of the window all day!

Date of entry: 26th April 2004

Mason starting to overheat again.

What a beautiful weekend we have just had, the sunshine has been glorious.

Sunshine usually brings family members together, generally found in beer gardens in and around Cheshire, but this weekend we all decamped to my sisters house, Lisa in Altrincham.

The whole family were there, nan even made it for the afternoon, and Mason loved all of the attention.

And all of the food (of course)!!

To cool him down we kept a hose pipe handy, cos Mason loves the hose pipe, he guards it, just incase anyone thinks about watering anything in the garden that isnt Mason - and we all had lots of fun, walks and good food.

Later on, when everyone had gone home Mason got really, really tired, to the point where he couldn't support his own weight - we were a bit concerned that he might fall out of bed - but he made it through to this morning, and was back to being full of life again.

Awww Mason!!

Date of entry: 13th April 2004

Mason is up to the usual.

Excitement is never far away when Mason is around - anything he enjoys can lead to him getting very giddy.

Previously, he has jumped on the bed, and been so excited that he has fallen straight back off again, been so excited he has become tangled in his lead and even refused food for fear of missing something!!

He has had a lovely Easter weekend anyway, lots of chocolate snaffled from people with Eggs and lots of cuddles from the family!

Date of entry: 23rd March 2004

Mason has been busy these past few weeks.

Lots of walks with lots of friends, Alisha and Mason went through Victoria Park in Warrington, along the Black Bear and had lots of fun tiring each other out (Alisha is 7).

And another with Cassie, an Alsation friend who gets on very well with Mason - so much so that when he isnt there Cassie cries for Mason, and vice versa!!

Lots of fun whilst Mason stays fit, ready for the heat of the summer which will no doubt tire him out completely!

Mason wagging his tail, click here for animationDate of entry: 22nd February 2004

Heres an arial view of our Mastiff Mason.

He is wearing his harness, cos he is out visiting a friend, click on the picture to the right to get a better view!

Date of entry: 20th February 2004

Mason did not like this biscuit!

When Mason eats something he doesn't like - you can tell, because he always pulls a funny face.

Salt and Vinegar Disco's are crisps that he gets so excited about - he starts drooling.

But when he eats them he pulls such a funny face - almost as if it is painful for him to eat them!

We were eating some biscuits the other night, and one of the biscuits had the same effect - lots of face pulling, but he couldn't bear to part with the biscuit.

So we sat and watched him screwing his face up, determined to eat the biscuit.

Funny Dog!

Mason wagging his tail, click here for animationDate of entry: 3rd February 2004

Mason wagging his tail!

Heres a short clip of Mason wagging his tail.

Click on the picture to view the animation.

Sorry no sound this time!

Mason pretends to be asleep!Date of entry: 27th January 2004

Mason pretending to sleep!

I guess sometimes even the biggest party animal can have enough.

Heres a picture of Mason pretending to sleep (unsuccessfully) - for a few minutes peace.

Click on the picture to enlarge.

Date of entry: 26th January 2004

Mason sleep sings!

Last night Mason had a very hyperactive sleep. He was sleep barking, sleep whining and for at least half an hour he managed to sleep sing to us.

He kept us awake for ages, but was so gorgeous that we didn't mind.

Mason - king of sleep!!

Mason's new cozy coat!Date of entry: 22nd January 2004

Mason gets a new coat!

At the weekend we went shopping to the newly opened Robinson's Country Leisure - and Mason did very well.

He got a brand new coat - like the one shown here, to keep him warm in this awful weather, a giant bone which we almost couldn't get off him, a new gel lead and loads of other bits and pieces.

Mason is one spoilt bullmastiff!!

Oh and by the way - a professional ghost-buster at www.psychics.co.uk (thanks for your help guys!) had a look at our ghost photos, and decided NO GHOSTS (phew!)

Mason taking five!Date of entry: 13th January 2004

Mason's settling in fine!

Mason loves to be the centre of attention - at all times - without compromise.

Usually, when he doesn't get enough he will find something he is not supposed to have and chew it - until you notice and have to catch him to take it off him.

In the garage the other night, the only thing he could find was a piece of wood, so as he tried to attract our attention, we were happy to see him chewing something he was allowed to chew for the first time.

Also this week, we have taken photos of Mason which seem to have a ghost in them - click here for pictures.

Mason the bullmastiff in his new home!Date of entry: 30th December 2003

Mason in his new home!

Just thought you might all like to see a picture of Mason - chewing something as usual - in his new home.

Happy New Year again everyone!

Date of entry: 29th December 2003

Happy New Year!

Mason and family moved house on Christmas eve - to cope with the stress he stayed over in Warrington at his aunty Caroline's house, returning to his new house on Boxing Day.

The new house has bigger gardens, more rooms and is much bigger than the house Mason is moving from - so we know he will be happy.

At the moment he is doing well, but you can tell that he would like to go home!

Happy New Year everyone!

Date of entry: 10th December 2003

Mason rules!

What news to report?

Last week saw Mason have a bath to make him smell lovely again, a visit to Warrington to see friends and family, a bit of nanging & good-natured bad temper, (must have had an off day), and festive frivolity all round.

He has also become very fond of the Christmas tree (awwww!) - we are all just glad it's not a real one!!

Happy Christmas everyone!

Date of entry: 3rd December 2003

Mason visits Caroline!

Last night we called into Caroline's new house - and Mason came with us to investigate.

While in Warrington - we went to visit a few other relatives, and Mason stayed behind with Caroline and friends.

He even got to visit Black Bear park, got lots of biscuit treats and was exhausted by all the fun!

Mason sleeps soundly!

Date of entry: 1st December 2003

Mason's mad half hour!

We used to have a dog called Gypsy, and a little kitten called Flossy who both used to spend at least half an hour a day tearing round like mad things. We called it a 'mad half hour'.

We have never seen Mason have one until the weekend. He went for a walk in the rain and got soaked through and when he got back to the house he started charging round - and had a full blown 'mad half hour' running round the rooms and wiping his head on anything he could find.

He didnt even get into trouble for wetting everything - partly as he was too cute during the madness!

Mason your mental!

Date of entry: 28th November 2003

Mason discovers his reflection!

In one of the bedrooms upstairs there is a large full length mirror - which just seems to catch Mason's eye every now and again.

Last night was one of those nights and he started barking at the dog he could see but couldn't get to.

He always keeps us all amused!

Mason the brindle bullmastiff - we love you!

Date of entry: 27th November 2003

Mason loses a friend!

For the past 6 months, Mason has had a friend to stay - Aunty Caroline.

She is always feeding Mason and cuddling Mason and they got on like a house on fire.

Tomorrow she leaves us and moves into her own place - Mason will miss her - and I'm informed Caroline will miss Mason too!

Mason will miss you!

Date of entry: 19th November 2003

Mason loves a cuddle!

I woke up last night, quite late and discovered that Mason had climbed up on my bed and was lying with his full body length across my pillow, his head resting on my neck - just in between my chin and my chest.

Got the shock of my life and jumped out of the way - whilst Mason just snuggled into my pillows!

I know he's very friendly and cuddly - but too much - spooning with a mastiff!

Mason get off!

Dont forget to check out our Mastiff photo gallery

Mason with a yoghurt pot - click for videoDate of entry: 17th November 2003

The amazing yoghurt pot!

We love yoghurts and fruit pots, and Mason always gets to clean the pot when we have finished.

Over the weekend we tried the Shape fruit pots, and as usual Mason got the pot, but something about the pot kept scaring him, and instead of diving in like ususal - there was lots of barking and standing to attention.

In the end Mason got the yoghurt pot - we have taken some photos and even a video for you to have a chuckle over.

Scared of a yoghurt pot!

Date of entry: 11th November 2003

Mason loves birds!

It doesn't matter if they are big or small, Mason loves birds of any kind - as long as they have feathers.

Something about them just gets him so excited. Grandma has a budgie, a lovely little blue thing - and Mason got so excited the first time he saw him - he managed to pull his tail feathers out!

Needless to say when Mason comes to visit - Grandma always hides the budgie - and Mason always looks for him!

Funny old Mason!

Mason resting again - click to view enlarged pictureDate of entry: 6th November 2003

Bonfire Nightmare!

Last night was Beirut in Trafford - the fireworks were loud and constant - from when we got home from work to when we went to bed.

Mason was very wound up by the whole thing. Every bang caused a massive jumping bound and a barking session.

Eventually he got so tired he couldn't bark any more - so we just sat and held him on the floor until the worst was over.

Poor ears and Mason - we all got a well deserved sleep eventually.

Date of entry: 3rd November 2003

Lovely Weekend!

Mason has had a lovely weekend, despite the bad weather.

He got so dirty on his weekend walks that we decided to bath him on Sunday. Now we have a lovely clean Mason again.

Fresh and clean mastiff!

Mason restingDate of entry: 31st October 2003

Mason we love you!

Mason was slightly energetic this morning - woke up at about 6am and didn't want to go back to bed - he wanted to chew slippers - play tug of war and all sorts.

Took him for a quick walk at 8am and that seemed to sort him out - too late to go back to bed though!

Date of entry: 27th October 2003

Schmackos gone!

We settled down to watch a dvd last night with Ben, who brought a pack of 20 schmackos with him for Mason.

Mason was treated to 3 or so - and then we all went to the kitchen to get drinks and snacks for the duration of the film.

All of a sudden Mason came rushing past us and straight to his water bowl - we thought nothing of it.

When we returned to the front room - shock horror - Mason had managed to find the schmackos - and eat them all in 30 seconds flat!

Little fatty!

Date of entry: 25th October 2003

Retirement in the family!

A retirement in the family saw us all joining together for a days frivolity - Mason included.

First off saw a journey in the car to the florist, then on to the office - followed by a trip to a car yard - surrounded by grass so Mason had a lovely time waiting.

We finished off with a lovely meal for all the family - Mason had to wait in the car - but was rewarded with the fat from a sirloin steak - before making our way home to relax and unwind.


Mason chewing my slipper! - click here for video!Date of entry: 23rd October 2003

Mason loves slippers!

Especially my large novelty cow slippers - although I don't think it matters too much what they look like - only that they can be chewed!

Heres a pic of him - and a video of Mason in action.

Date of entry: 21st October 2003

Mason falls in the canal AGAIN!

Out for a walk last night with Mason. We took him for a long one - round to the post office - through the back streets along the canal and then home.

Everything was going well when all of a sudden we heard a man shout. Turning round we saw Mason charging down the canal banks towards a beautiful Border Collie with her male owner.


Mason did not stop - so the man wacked him on the head with his stick and after a small scuffle Mason fell into the canal - only to be dragged out a minute later and given a good telling off!

No damage to the other dog and his owner (thank god) so we turned and ran home to keep Mason as warm as possible and then gave him a bath.

Little horrer!!

Mason taking a nap! - click here to hear him snore!Date of entry: 20th October 2003

Let sleeping dogs lie!

Mason is a dog who loves his sleep - he gets soo comfy and doesnt want to move at all.

This morning he started snoring at 4am - woke me up - but carried on sleeping.

I have managed to capture the event on webcam - click on the image to view - this may take a little while to download!

Date of entry: 14th October 2003

Smile - your on candid camera!

As part of the Mason the Mastiff site - we are trying to bring you footage of Mason - star of his own little show - so last night we had the camcorder out.

At first he wasnt bothered by the camera - would just look every now and again with a cheeky smile - but at one point - he decided enough was enough - charged for the camera and managed to cover the lens with his mouth before we could stop him.

Unfortunately, we couldnt do anything for laughing - but hopefully we now have a clip suitable for "You've been Framed"!

Date of entry: 13th October 2003

What a lovely weekend!

Mason has had a lovely weekend, lots to see and do. He has been for loads of really long walks - two on Sunday - which he really enjoyed.

Not only that, but the house has been full of visitors, all who come to see Mason - of course! - One in particular, Ben, even brings dog treats for Mason, every time he visits.

All in all - a wonderful weekend for Mason!

Mason the Mastiff!Date of entry: 8th October 2003

A lovely photo of Mason!

Having fun with a friends digital camera and we were rewarded with this lovely photo of Mason.

Being very photogenic, and very interested in cameras - its hard to get a photo where Mason isnt getting closer to the camera, and this one is no exception!

Birthday boy next week!

Date of entry: 7th October 2003

Mason hates the rain!

You can feel the onset of winter all around in the current weather conditions, and we are all noticing the drop in temperature - even Mason.

On a late night walk last night, the heavens opened and the rain poured down on all three of us - Mason started to run.

Before long we were all legging it down the road at full pelt - trying to avoid getting wet - and failing miserably. When we got into the house, Mason was first to dry himself off - rolling around on anything dry and soft he could find!

Soggy dog and friends!

Date of entry: 29th September 2003

Mason is ACE!

Mason had a busy day yesterday. 3 long walks and lots of visits from friends and family, to keep him occupied.

Later on we sat down to watch a film - obviously not interesting enough for Mason, because before long he was snoring loudly, not just snoring, but snore-growling!

On the inhale he snored and on the exhale - he growled - a deep throaty grumbly growl - which we could all feel through the floor.

Little cutie pie!

Date of entry: 19th September 2003

Mason in hyper over-load!

Yesterday evening we had company, Mason was very excited. So we took him for a long and energetic walk to calm him down.

But for some reason yesterday it didn't work - instead of being tired when he returned, Mason was even more excited and giddy. He would not stop singing to us all night.

So we watched a DVD with one person sitting on the floor, hugging Mason to calm him down. It takes 5 minutes to send him to sleep - one minute for you to return to a comfy chair, and 30 seconds after that Mason would notice the lack of company, wake up and start singing all over again!

Numb bum time for the huggers!

Date of entry: 15th September 2003

Mason loves reading!

Over the weekend, we like to relax, catch up on newspapers and reading. Generally we spread them over the floor, and sit on the floor and get comfy.

But when you are on the floor your in Mason's domain, and being Mason, he wants to know what your doing, why you are doing it and how he gets involved.

Somewhere along the line, he decided that his best option would be to just flop on the paper - and become the centre of attention. Very funny! Only when we moved the paper, it just ripped in half!

Funny, funny dog - no more reading!!

Date of entry: 12th September 2003

Mason sleep barks!

Last night Mason kept us all awake by barking in his sleep! It was very funny lots of paw movement (he must have been running) - but the barking and the howling!

He woke us all up, and as we were about to wake him gently, he rolled over and went back into peaceful snoring!

Wonder what he was dreaming about?

Date of entry: 4th September 2003

Mason's a big pain!

Mason has fallen into a routine, as everyone gets ready for work, he gets ready to sleep - finds the most comfy bed and claims it as his own.

This morning was slightly different. Instead of falling asleep Mason decided to sit by the front door, and when someone left (which was me)- he waited for an opportunity & then ran into the car - refusing to move!

Finally, with the help of a dog treat, Mason moved from the car - but not before boffing and gassing the whole car!

Mason get out!

Date of entry: 31st August 2003

Mason loves chocolate!

You cant keep a chocolate lover away from chocolate - its cruel.

Everytime everyone enters or leaves Mason's house they have to pass through the customs and excise department of our house that is Mason. Any carrier bags, holdalls or handbags have to be thoroughly sniffed and searched. No-one would get a lettuce past Mason.

Mason get off!

Date of entry: 26th August 2003

Mason cools down!

All the recent warm weather has been hell on earth for poor Mason. He can't go for very long walks, he gets too tired and overheated.

Now that the weather is cooling - he's getting back up to full steam, and his stamina has greatly improved. He used to get back from a walk and hyperventilate for a while, but he's not even doing that anymore. Give him 10 minutes and its like he's never been for a walk!

Awwwww Mason!

Date of entry: 18th August 2003

The dog that loves his kip!

Mason enjoyed company last night - a friend to stay and mither and play with - only Mason doesn't really play that much...

Masons favourite hobby is to catch up on sleep. Every second awake is a second Mason is deprived of. He waits for us all to jump into the shower - then jumps on our nice warm beds and sits looking all snug - makes you wish you didn't have to go to work sometimes.

So he didnt play - he slept, very disappointing!

Date of entry: 5th August 2003

Phew what a scorcher!

Hot weather is no good for Mason. When he came back from his walk yesterday evening, he was too hot for his own good - but thats when Mason becomes best friends with the bath!

He's straight in there! - He loves it! and when you turn on a tap or the shower - he goes berserk! - He loves water. Needless to say he got very wet - so we gave him a bath and made Mason all clean again!

Result: a nice cool dog smelling of lovely fresh lemon!

Date of entry: 1st August 2003

Mason's on the mend - were still keeping up-wind, just in case. But yesterday the nextdoor neighbours cat, Toby, decided to play - first he sat on the step outside the front door. Until Mason strolled through to go for his evening stroll along the canal - then he moved fairly sharpish. Safely tucked away under a nearby car Toby left his tail sticking out, just so that Mason could still see him. Fortunately Mason gets too excited about his walk to care about cats hiding under cars.

Later on guests visited, and pleased as punch, Mason decided to sing us all a song - just incase any of us forgot he was there - or to offer him a tit-bit from the treats.

Funny Dog!

Date of entry: 30th July 2003

Mason has been quite poorly over the last 24 hours. He's off all bullmastiff and human treats until his stomach settles, unfortunately we just have to keep gas masks to hand until further notice!

Decorations continue in the house this week - its all good for Mason, he loves pinching the odd glove or brush and ripping it to shreds before you notice. Sometimes it doesn't even matter if you notice - you have to wreck it to take it off him!! Keeps us all entertained.

Hopefully he'll be feeling better soon. We'll keep you posted!